Frequently Asked Questions


What is Poonawalla Credit Private Limited?

Poonawalla Credit Private Limited is (PCPL), a non-banking financial company, registered with the Reserve Bank of India. AnyDay Money is the android and ios based application.

This entire platform is technologically powered by AnyDay Fintech Private Limited, the fintech vertical of JetSynthesys Private Limited

What is NACH form and why is this mandatory?

NACH stands for National Automated Clearing House. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has implemented NACH for banks, NBFCs etc a web-based solution to facilitate inter-bank electronic transactions which are periodic in nature

For automated recovery of the sanctioned loan amount and interest on the due date, we need this mandate form signed by you to facilitate the total amount back into the PFPL bank account.

How can I check the transaction history of my loan?

Transaction history of your loan and the relevant details will be available from Website and Mobile App

Do I have an option to repay the loan earlier and how?

Yes of course. This can be done either through the Mobile App or Website. No additional charges for pre-paying loan.

What if there isn’t enough money in my bank account on my repayment date?

At the outset, our suggestion would be that you maintain enough money in your bank account as we would send debit instruction to your bank on the repayment due date. In case NACH is bounced, we will levy penal charges for every bounce instance and you shall also be liable to pay interest on delayed payment.

What is AnyDay Salary?

AnyDay Salary is an unsecured loan offering provided to salaried individuals to tide over their mid-month planned and un-planned financial needs. This loan shall be recovered from your salary. The borrower has the option to repay the loan either in one shot or in up to 6 Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs).

This loan is provided in easy and simple steps, either through our Website or our Mobile App.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to avail AnyDay Salary?

To apply for the AnyDay Salary loan, you must be

  • An Indian resident with at least 21 years of age and above
  • Resident of Pune and/or select cities in India
  • Your minimum net take home salary should be INR 15,000/- per month with confirmed employment

What are the minimum and maximum amounts available as AnyDay Salary loan?

You can borrow from INR 10,000/- up to INR 2,00,000/- (subject to a maximum of up to 3 times of your net take home monthly salary)

What is the repayment period available for AnyDay Salary?

AnyDay Salary loan can be repaid in one shot (i.e. for less than 30 days) or maximum up to a period of 365 days (max twelve EMIs)

How can I apply for AnyDay Salary?

Simply visit (or download mobile App – ANYDAY MONEY) to apply for the AnyDay Salary.

How long will it take to disburse the loan?

Application process is as follows

  • Visit for applying either on the website itself or download the Mobile App to apply for the loan;
  • After filling up the simple form, upload all the required documents;
  • We validate your eligibility criteria and confirm Loan amount and tenure applicable to you;
  • After your KYC and credit verification, loan agreement is signed, and loan amount is disbursed immediately to your Salary Bank Account and you are notified of the same.

What Documents are required for Loan Application?

The following documents are required:

  • Photograph/Selfie
  • Last three months’ payslips
  • Last six months’ Bank statements where salary is being credited
  • Self-attested Copy of PAN Card
  • Self-attested Copy of AADHAR Card (both front and back side)/Driving License
  • Copy of Cancelled signed cheque of bank account where salary is being deposited

Please note that none of the images of these above documents should be blurred. Bank statements are best uploaded in pdf format

What if I am unable to upload documents on the website/app?

As you start uploading the documents, we will compress the file sizes so that you don’t have to wait to upload your documents. However, if any problem persists you could email the required documents to or call us on +91 74477 99942 for assistance.

Do I have to provide any guarantors?

No guarantors are required for obtaining AnyDay Salary.

What interest do I have to pay on the Loan amount?

Interest is charged INR 6.67 per day on a loan of INR 10,000/- borrowed. This translates into less than 0.07% per day of the loan amount.

What are the processing fee and other charges payable?

Processing Fee#

Product Processing Fee #
AnyDay Salary 2% of Loan Amount

Other Charges

Charge Type Amount
Stamp Duty 0.1% of the loan amount or INR 100/- whichever is higher
Late Payment Fee 3% per month on the amount due or INR 500 whichever is higher

# All charges will attract the prevailing GST rate except Stamp Duty payable on the loan agreement

Why do you need Bank account details?

Details of your bank account where the salary is being deposited is important for us to validate your salary data and will also help us disburse the loan amount into this account.

Moratorium Guidelines

As per the Notification on Loan EMI Moratorium issued by the Reserve Bank of India on March 27, 2020, vide notification number DOR.No.BP.BC.47/21.04.048/2019-20 , if you wish to to apply for a Moratorium on your loan EMIs, kindly send an email to with the subject as “Request for Loan Moratorium” and mentioning your Name and Loan Id.